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Light from vehicle headlights is reflected from the raised peaks, giving the driver an enhanced navigational aid. RainSafe is a high performance low profile thermoplastic road marking containing high quality synthetic resins, plasticiser, polymers, glass beads, pigment, aggregates and fillers. STM32-SK/HIT - Hitex starter kit for STM32 F1 series Performance and Access Line microcontrollers, STMicroelectronics.

Hitex Drilling Ft Worth

Hitex tantino xc driver

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Hitex has written many custom VADC drivers over the years and is now proud to announce a ‘universal driver’ that can be adapted for pretty much any VADC application, no matter how complicated, using a simple configuration file. The VADC driver comprises of a series of source and header files which setup the required features of the VADC peripheral. The driver then makes use of a configuration file(s) which configures the VADC peripheral for the required task.

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