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Here you will find the documentation for using Active Fitness on mobile devices. If you need customer support, please submit a ticket on our customer support Web site. Active Fitness is a powerful and easy to use tool you can use as your personal trainer, activity tracker, to improve and organize your fitness routine and motivate yourself to achieve great results.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker provides rich data and analytics, enhanced with the map representation of your activity. It's great for outdoor activities, such as running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding etc. To begin, press "Start" on GPS Tracker screen, and the phone will record your activity. At the end of your activity turn tracking off, and your activity will be automatically synchronized with your profile. No further action is necessary, our apps will do everything for you.

Before you start tracking your activity with GPS Tracker, you may want to change your activity. By clicking activity symbol icon, you can select from dozens of activities, such as: running, cycling, walking, skiing, snowboarding etc.

Step Counter

Step Counter is available on devices that support motion data. If the main menu of your app has "Step Counter" item, it means that the step counter is available on your device. Step Counter counts your steps even if the app is not running. With Active Fitness app you can set goals for the number of steps for the day.

Setting Goals

Setting goals is important to track your progress and motivate yourself to improve. You can set goals for many metrics, such as distance, time, steps, and a number of runs. You can change your goals any time throughout the workout and adjust at any time.

Interval Training

Interval training is great for many sports: running, cycling, cross country skiing, rollerblading etc. With interval training your workout consists of several segments or intervals. At each segment the app will coach you with the audio feedback about the current and next interval.

Multi-day Training

When you track your activity such as running, cycling, walking, skiing, snowboarding or any other activity, your phone app acts as a personal coach. Your app will provide you with analytics of your speed, elevation gain, distance covered and much more. When you track a training plan, the app will tell you how much further you need to go to reach your goals.


When you use our app, you are instantly connected to a million-strong network of fitness enthusiasts. Best results are shown on worldwide leaderboards. To become a leader, simply keep using the app and watch your position and rank among the leaders. Leaderboards are available for each sport activity, so you can track your progress against the best.


With our mobile apps you can add your friends and see how they progress. This may be useful to discover new routes, training routines and areas to do your activities. You can connect with your friends by selecting a person in the list of available contacts.

Sharing Action Photos

You can take photos of your sport activities and share them with your friends or the community. If you link your account to Facebook or Twitter, you can also share your photos with Facebook or Twitter.


You can customize many aspects of your app, including audio coaching, units (metric or imperial), voice announcements frequency, social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter etc) and more. You can change settings any time.

Manually adding fitness activity

You can manually add activity to Active Fitness Windows app by clicking Add Activity button. If you have a GPX/KML traces file from other devices or apps, you can also import that file in addition to the activity to show your activity on the map. You can add activity from many devices that support GPX or KML file format and apps such as Strava, RunKeeper and many others.

Import/Export data from apps and devices (Windows Tablets)

Import data from Strava to Active Fitness

1. In Strava, select your activity click Actions (bottom right), then Export GPX


2. Open Active Fitness app, in Activities page click Add Activity

3. Select activity to import


3. Select GPX file and click Import

4. Edit additional activity information as necessary and click Save


Import RunKeeper data to Active Fitness

1. Log into, click Edit activity and export your activity as GPX file

2. Open Active Fitness app, in Activities page click Add Activity

3. Select activity to import


4. Select GPX file and click Import

5. Edit additional activity information as necessary and click Save


Export data from Active Fitness to RunKeeper

1. In Active Fitness Windows app, select a day or a run click Export (GPX,KML):


2. Select a destination for the GPX file


3. In RunKeeper, log new activity


4. Import map


5. Select Active Fitness activity export file (.GPX)


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