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In our DIY culture, there’s always the question of “why should I trust you with my art” but there’s nothing like working with a producer that cares as much about your music as you do. Well-known buyers in the US and Europe source our products Eastern Times Technology Co. Ltd from China (mainland) Established Exporter since 1994. Underneath the picture of the printer that most closely resembles yours click on “Drivers & Downloads”. Verify that the highlighted operating system matches your current OS. (if it doesn’t select the one you want from the list and click “go”) Click on “Save” and save the file to your desktop.

In Depot, go to the Reports link, and select Driver Timesheets.

The Driver Timesheet is a report listing all driver work hours and miles travelled if they used an ELD in vehicle device. The timesheet view can be customized to your organization's specific payroll dates and enables you to customize a view showing all or specific drivers. You can download a CSV report that can be imported into your payroll system, and schedule a regular email of your Driver Timesheet to be sent to you.

For overnight trips,

  • Hours for the trip are reported up to midnight.
  • Mileage for the full trip (until next status change) is reported in the day that the trip started.

Note Regarding Log Edits:

Updated hours to the driver logs are reflected in the Driver Timesheet Report after the driver has approved the edit.

Setting up your report view:

  1. In Depot, click the Reports link, and click Driver Timesheets from the Driver section.
  2. Customize your view by selecting options from the filters:
Easteantimes driver download windows 10
Home TerminalSelect all or choose all drivers within a specific location.
Search fieldEnter a driver name, alias, or license number to find a specific driver.

Payroll dates

Select the start date of your payroll period. The system is flexible and you can select any day of the week as the start of your work week.

TIME NOTE: The onscreen report displays time in hh:mm format (e.g., 01:30); however, the CSV report displays time in decimal format (e.g., 1.5) for easier integration with payroll systems.

Hide Details Show Details Hide Details is the default view. Show details includes additional data about each driver including SB and restbreak status time.

Downloading or Scheduling the Report

Easteantimes Driver Download

Click the Tools menu, located at the upper right of the Depot page to download or setup to receive this report on a regular schedule.

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To download:

Click the Tools menu and select Export CSV.

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To schedule:

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1. Click the Tools menu and select Schedule this Report.
2. In the Schedule Report menu, enter a descriptive name or use the default.
3. Select a Delivery Frequency option.
4. In Active, select an option for how long you want to receive the report.
5. Click Add to begin regular report delivery.