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Currently supported devices are: Timy, TDC 8000/8001, S3, S4, and Comet. At the moment it is available in German, English, Norwegian, Russian and Italian. At the program “Timy Backup” there is a continuous number instead of the start number. The command „request times“ works only with the Devices TDC 8000/8001 and Timy. RGH Driver's For Intel GMA 965/X3100 made by BreinzterAce™ a.k.a Breinzter™. For the future user of this driver, if you encounter color glitch after you restart/install the rgh driver.

  1. After running DBSS, application can not find the DreamBox device and does not recognize its serial number. Check the connection with PC. Use another USB cable. Check whether the DreamBox device is present in the Device Manager list. Make sure there are no conflicts at driver-level. Re-install driver, if necessary.
  2. Warning: don't install external drivers in this image or the usb tuner panel will stop to work. YOU CAN INSTALL IN THIS IMAGE ONLY DEDICATED DREAM ELITE DRIVERS PACKAGES Warning: Old plugins for OE 1.5 cannot work in OE 1.6, you have to ask to plugin authors to update.

Drivers Gsm Dream Team Usb Devices 3.0

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Backup Drives Not Detected

When you plug in the backup drive, it will not show up in My Computer (Win+E) or Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc). 3 possible causes: The drive is bad, the cable going from the drive to the computer is bad, or the USB ports are not recognizing the drive.
To Resolve:
1. Check in My Computer for the drive, diskmgmt.msc for the disk (Usually Disk 1 as Disk 0 is usually the OS drive), and eventvwr.msc for 'DISK-Error' messages for the drive letter according to diskmgmt.msc. Any of these will be a sure sign of a failed drive.
2. Reseat the cable on both ends, see if the drive lights up when plugged in. This could rule out the cable and the drive at first glance.
3. Run - devmgmt.msc and look for the drive to show up under USB Devices. See if there is a WD SES Driver installed if you already have the WD Drivers installed, it will show up here.
4. Uninstall all the 'USB Root Hubs' and scan for H/W changes to re-install. In some cases, you will have to reboot for it to take effect.
5. Check to see how long it has been since the computer has rebooted. Run - cmd - systeminfo Find 'Time' (or) net statistics workstation. Reboot if it's been over a month.
6. If it still doesn't show up, plug the drive into another computer that you know the USB ports work. If it works on another computer, see Read/ Write Errors On An External.

To Initialize A Disk in diskmgmt.msc:
1. Go to diskmgmt.msc and see if the drive is readable.
2. If the drive shows up, see if it says to 'initialize' by right clicking on it.
3. If so, set it to 'convert to MBR'.
4. After that it will show up as 'unallocated'.
5. Right click on the unallocated part and select 'create a partition'.
6. Create a drive letter and name for the drive and make the partition the whole drive.
7. Check My Computer, the drive should be there now, Done.