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The Dolphin Interconnect Solutions SCI adapter cards have been available since 1993 and have been in use in many applications at many different sites. The product line started with a quite simple SBus card with limited performance and feature set and continued with more sophisticated cards for the PCI bus. Dolphin PCI Express Interconnect low latency network solutions. About Dolphin Dolphin Interconnect Solutions ASA (OSE: DOLP) is a global provider of ultra low-latency, high-bandwidth computer interconnect solutions which accelerate applications. These products are ideal for high speed embedded products, clustered databases, web services and industrial applications.


Abstract—Nowadays, high computing demands are often tackled by clusters of single computers, each of which is basically an assembly of a growing number of CPU cores and main memory, also called a node; these nodes are connected by some kind of communication network. With the growing speed and number of CPU cores, the network becomes a severe bottleneck limiting overall cluster performance. Highspeed interconnects like InfiniBand, SCI, and Dolphin DX are good for alleviating this communication bottleneck, when the communication software is either based on IP or specifically adapted to the interconnect. Software written to communicate directly via Ethernet frames can not be used this way, though. In this article, we present two drivers for Linux that fill this gap. ETHOS is a very generic Ethernet over Sockets driver. With this driver it is possible to use any interconnect that offers a sockets interface as replacement for Ethernet. The second driver, ETHOM, sacrifices the compatibility with a wide range of interconnects in favour of higher performance on top of Dolphin’s high-speed networks SCI and DX. It enhances their functionality by offering an Ethernet and with that an IP interface. Both drivers allow usage of layer-2 kernel functionality like interface bonding and bridging. By means of various measurements, we show that ETHOS and ETHOM with InfiniBand, SCI, or DX offer a two- to threefold increase in communication performance over Gigabit Ethernet.

Reduce trading time with an ultra-low latency interconnect. Deliver data in 540 nanoseconds. Provide a highly reliable low latency fail-over mechanism for key applications.

Dolphin Interconnect Driver Reviews

Dolphin Interconnect Driver

Deploy industrial and military applications with a high speed reliable network. Deliver low latency performance real time applications such as simulation, test and measurement, high speed replication, and distributed video.

Dolphin Interconnect Driver Download

Create local networks that take advantage of the performance of PCI Express. The high throughput and low latency of PCI Express enables fast data transfers of files and data for storage and system offload. Collect data faster and replicate data at high speeds.