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Fully integrated with Datapath’s graphical setup wizard, the Image4K is easy to configure for different combinations of monitors, projectors, or LED controllers. Output resolution, rotation and wall layout are all easily configured using the intuitive graphical interface in a matter of minutes. Datapath puts the Operator at the heart of the control room with its latest fully integrated platform. Design, management, and control of even the most complex system configurations has never been simpler. Datapath Datapath Limited is a world leading innovator in the field of computer graphics and video wall display technology. The company has operated exclusively in these areas since it was founded in 1982.


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Datapath Image 4k Graphics Card

iolite 600 Series Controller
Compact video technology
iolite is an abbreviation for input/output lite, it is a full functioning compact multi input/multi output video controller/switcher. Based on the same underlying technology as the VSN series of controllers but with a much smaller footprint and cost structure.
The ability to install multiple screens and drive them from a single, simple unit has become central to businesses wanting enhanced conferencing and presentation facilities. In turn reception areas require both space for video centric informational resources, news feeds and traditional signage delivering corporate messaging in a variety of ways.
Datapath's iolite 600 is a small, quiet video system for delivering all of those requirements and more. Designed to house a number of video capture cards alongside mutli-output graphics cards and SQX IP cards the iolite 600 offers the ultimate in flexible multi-screen video deployments. The iolite is available in fixed configurations for immediate delivery or can be customised to exactly suit the project requirements.
The ImageDP4 combines a single, powerful graphics processor with improved memory and PCI Express bandwidths to provide responsive performance at up to double the resolution of previous Datapath graphics cards.
Advanced display technology allows up to 16 ImageDP4 graphics cards to be supported by the Datapath display driver, providing a high resolution Windows® desktop comprising up to 64 screens. This ability to present standard Windows® applications alongside full frame-rate video on a single high resolution desktop allows the visualisation of large amounts of data at once to aid effective decision making. To complete the integration into a single desktop, all the outputs of the ImageDP4 graphics card are automatically frame-locked across all cards within a system.
This four channel DisplayPort graphics card is optimised for use with the Datapath Vision range of capture cards for systems requiring video overlays from a wide range of sources and resolutions. Video windows can be positioned and sized anywhere on the multi-screen desktop, while maintaining full frame rate, true colour rendering throughout.
Combining the Vision video capture cards with an ImageDP4 graphics display allows the construction of high-end display wall systems.
The ImageDP4 card natively supports four full-sized DisplayPort outputs for the convenience of high resolution, locking cable connectors and significantly longer cable lengths. Air flow management is optimised through the use of passive cooling, providing high reliability for any multi screen solution.

Datapath Graphic Design

  1. Datapath has launched a new flagship graphics card for pro AV applications, capable of powering ‘true’ 4K content on four displays from a single card. The aptly-named Image4K graphics card has been designed by Datapath’s engineers to provide the ultimate flexibility and power for multi-display 4K installations.
  2. Datapath ImageDP4 Quad Output Graphics Adaptor. DVI Single Link adaptor for ImageDP4. DVI Dual Link adaptor for ImageDP4. Click on this image to see detailed specs.