Datalogic Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

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Mobile computers are full independent computers that integrates all the necessary peripherals and interfaces needed for collecting, manage, and store the data gathered via barcodes. Mobile computer integrates, in a small form factor, all the necessary components of a computer, such has a display, a Wi-Fi system, an operating system (Windows® or Android™), a keyboard (virtual or physical), a battery and a professional scan engine. In addition to these features, every Datalogic mobile computer sports a rugged enclosure, able to withstand drop from various heights and to work in harsh situations. The rugged enclosure allows the devices to operate in all kind of professional conditions and resist to shocks, direct waterjets or very dusty environments.

Mobile devices are the daily companion in activities like inventory, price check, pick and drop, assisted sales, delivery, quality control, curb-side pick-up, etc. With Datalogic’s versatile portfolio of mobile computers, customers can get a solution for a full array of barcode reading needs. From printed 1D and 2D barcodes, to Direct Part Marking (DPM), to Digimarc© packaging, Datalogic offers a solution for nearly every barcode reading application.

Mobile computers support enterprises to improve efficiency and reliability on all their tracking activities in every area of the company. In retail companies, they can be used in the store floor for activities such price check, inventory, or assisted sales. In the back room, mobile devices are used for any inventory or stock rotation activities. For T&L companies they play a crucial role being the business companion of every worker. From the docking locations where goods are unloaded, through the warehouse and other areas of the facilities, up to the point of delivery, operators use mobile computers for every bit of the process. In the manufacturing segment, they allow workers to track all the assets used for assembly or for building, and to check inventory in the warehouse. In the healthcare segment, mobile computers are becoming the trusted work companion of nurses and other operators for the bed-side point of care activities. Once the patient barcode is read, hospital staff can see all the information related to that patient.

Mobile Computers Common Applications

  • Shipping and Receiving
    Any warehouse has goods coming in and good coming out, an efficient mobile computer allows warehouse personnel to scan these items, load them into the WMS (Warehouse Management System) database, and then, once they are processed, they can be shipped out using the same device.
  • Inventory
    Any enterprise that processes goods or sell goods needs to maintain a warehouse, either small or large, of whatever kind. A mobile computer allows you to scan items, add quantity, location, other relevant information, and update and track them in real time into the database.
  • WIP Traceability
    From raw material to finished good, WIP traceability allows you to track each unit throughout the manufacturing process. Track accuracy, output, and other viable production metrics in real time.
  • Assisted Sales
    With a mobile computer, store associates can assist store customers, providing them information about the product they are looking and checking its availability. In addition, if a customer wants to buy the product, mobile devices allow them to pay immediately using online card payments.

Datalogic Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

  • Price Check
    Retail store needs to have accurate prices displayed. With the help of a mobile computer, store personnel can check every price reading the barcode and ensuring that what is displayed is the correct database price.

Mobile Computers Common Benefits

Datalogic mobile devices provide several benefits to the companies that use them, once used for asset tracking:

  • Accuracy
    Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources.

Datalogic Laptops Computers

  • Increased Quantities
    Accelerate your throughput and maximize your organizations productivity.
  • Data Management
    Use the output data to enhance your processes in virtually any field-bus communication protocol, removing the need for manual data entry.
  • Traceability
    Track every unit and every step up to final delivery. It ensures that no steps are missed in the manufacturing or distribution processes, permitting you to make real-time decisions, when needed, to prevent any possible negative impact.
  • Quality
    Increase the quality of your product/service using mobile barcode readers to control manufacturing and distribution processes and inspect to guarantee the best possible performance and outcome.
  • GMS (Google Mobile Service)
    Featuring state-of-the-art octa-core platform led to the endorsement by Google™, who validated the Memor™ 10 PDA as one of the first mobile computers to join their ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’ program for rugged devices
  • Communication
    Relay information in real time with Voice over IP/LTE capabilities.

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Clock Out

DataLogic has temporarily extended customer support hours for existing EVV users and new Cures Act users, including CDS for Saturday, February 13. Click Below for more details.

For State Agencies, Payers & Program Providers

Texas Program Providers starting with Vesta EVV: Please click the button below to print the EVV Provider Onboarding Form. The EVV Onboarding Form must be submitted via email or fax to Vesta EVV to initiate the Onboarding Process.

Click below for contact information relating to electronic visit verification.

DataLogic Is the number one EVV Vendor in the State of Texas and received Grade of A – the highest rating for a state contractor.

Ensure Compliance. Streamline Claims.

Vesta EVV is an advanced Electronic Visit Verification system currently implemented by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for validating delivery of personal care and home care services for Medicaid beneficiaries. Vesta EVV data is used by Texas HHSC staff and contracted managed care organizations (MCOs) to validate claims and ensure the Medicaid beneficiaries are receiving services they are authorized to receive.

Easy to Implement

Successfully implemented in one of the largest states in the country, Vesta EVV provides an easy path to EVV implementation. Experienced support and training teams assure every user is properly prepared and assisted.

Fully Compliant

Vesta EVV is fully compliant with federal and state EVV requirements. Our HIPAA-compliant, SSAE-certified data centers provide enterprise-class data privacy and security with disaster recovery protection.

Cloud-Based Platform

Vesta EVV's cloud-based platform ensures you have access to Vesta EVV anytime, anywhere. You have the latest, most compliant version of Vesta all the time with no down time.

Dependable Verification

Vesta EVV provides agencies with three dependable, accurate, and user-friendly solutions to verify visits and comply with federal and state EVV requirements.

Smartphone App

The Vesta EVV mobile app makes it easy for provider employees to log their visits. The app is available for the iPhone and Android.

Home Landline Phone
Datalogic Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

The Vesta EVV Home Landline Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system provides a reliable way for Service Attendants and CDS Employees to clock in and out from a Home Landline telephone.

Alternative Device

Vesta EVV Time Clock Tokens are small innovative electronic devices that allow employees to validate their visits when no landline or cellular service is available.

Benefits for Payers

Vesta EVV provides State Agencies and Managed Care Organizations with full visibility of Program Provider EVV Compliance data to streamline claims and reduce fraud.

Datalogic laptops price
Real-Time Data

Vesta provides a real-time view into the Program Providers's user interface, which enables payers to view what visit records have been modified within the last three minutes.

100% Documentation

Vesta EVV eliminates documentation gaps. Each visit electronically documents: type of service, Member receiving service, Service Attendant providing service, date of service, start and end time of service, and location of service.

Streamline Claims

Vesta EVV eliminates billing discrepancies. Vesta EVV only submits claims once the authorized service has been reconciled with the verified visit.

Benefits for Providers

Vesta EVV incorporates the processes necessary to fully meet the EVV compliance requirements while also providing the resources to improve operations and the level of care provided.

Datalogic Laptops For Sale

Streamline Operations

Vesta EVV’s advanced scheduling system allows Program Providers to easily schedule services and assign employees to shifts. Each night, Vesta EVV loads the next day’s scheduled visits into a visit log for employees.

Automated Verification

As Service Attendants send start and end times to Vesta, the data is reconciled with that day’s visit log to automatically verify the visit. Any visit not auto-verified will be flagged for manual verification.

Eliminate Rejected Claims

Vesta EVV automatically validates authorized services with verified visits before submitting to payer for claims validation.


Medicaid ProvidersThe number of Medicaid providers that Vesta serves.


Datalogic Laptops Wireless

IndividualsThe number of Medicaid eligible individuals that Vesta serves.


Datalogic Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 7

Daily TransactionsThe number of daily EVV transactions that are collected each weekday.