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Recommended for all skiers and riders by National Demo team

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Must have app for skiing and riding

Winter Sports is built by a professional ski instructor, a Microsoftie and a startup in Silicon Valley. It is an official app of Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI). Built with pride for craft and passion for skiing. This is the most comprehensive free app for skiing and riding.

Comprehensive snow reports, real-time run tracking, social and friends, beautiful charts and ski run analytics, ski and snowboard lessons from professional instructors.

  • Snow reports and mountain stats
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Beautiful run analytics
  • Social and friends: ski, ride, connect and share!
  • Ski and snowboard lessons from pro ski and snowboard instructors
  • Goals to improve skiing and performance
  • Safety
  • Maps

Recommended by National Ski and Snowboard Demo Team

National Ski Academy

Learn how National Team used Winter Sports app during the National Academy event with more than 200 ski and snowboard instructors! Teams have been skiing, riding, taking pictures, videos and Winter Sports app tracked teams positions real-time in the mountains of Utah. Result? Thousands of pictures, videos, lots of smiling faces and memories that last.

  • 20+ teams lead by National level instructors with the app
  • 200 ski and snowboard instructors
  • 30+ phones with the app uploading real-time stats and photos
  • 1,000,000 vertical ft tracked by Winter Sports app

Ski analytics and real-time GPS tracking

When at a ski resort simply switch tracking on, and slide the phone into your pocket, the app will automatically track your runs, progress and performance towards goals throughout the day. Works at thousands of ski resorts and even out of bounds!

Consistently tracking your skiing history and your goals helps your performance and endurance. Winter Sports will automatically save your runs, you can view them from any device. You can see your progress vs leaders and your friends.

From season to daily stats, your phone will diligently track your activity on the mountain. Great for recreational skiers and riders, parents, athletes, pro skiers and instructors.

Ski Trails Information

Sensor Kit

Open source sensor for sports scientists and sports enthusiasts Sensor Kit

Open Source

Sensor Kit is open source, and is intended for sports scientists and enthusiasts: Sensor Kit. Built with open source hardware and specs, it's open for app developers and includes built-in integration with Winter Sports.

Sports Science

Winter Sports automatically connects with Sensor Kit sensors.

Maps and snow reports from 2000+ ski resorts

See all the information from thousands of ski resorts, including maps and snow reports. You will really impress your buddies on the lift when the app reads you a brief summary of your run. No need to take off your gloves!

WINTER automatically tracks your position on the mountain, but uses very little battery, thanks to our battery-friendly run tracking technology.

to start skiing or riding like a pro, just download the free app

Winter Sports app for iPhone Winter Sports app for Windows  Get it on Google Play


... and for your après-ski, Winter Sports app recommends this book by Peter Kray. Perfect companion for a long ski day!


CREDITS: Grant Nakamura, Winter Sports recommends Grant Nakamura, the official photographer of PSIA-AASI for all snow sports photography.

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